About Claremont Lincoln University

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Imagine a new kind of university that teaches collaboration and harmony in the world, that educates experienced professionals to reach across borders of all kinds—international, cultural, socio-economic, religious, and political—for the common good.

Imagine a new generation of skillful leaders who are ethically grounded and socially responsible…

You’ve just imagined Claremont Lincoln University, an innovative values-based, not-for-profit graduate school that prepares leaders across the private, public and social sectors for the realities of an increasingly interconnected world.  At Claremont Lincoln, students learn to put their ideas and ideals into action in any career pathway.

Claremont Lincoln University offers three pioneering Master’s degree programs that equip leaders across multiple disciplines with proven skills and strategies to implement positive change in business, faith-based organizations, government, social causes and nonprofits.
We work with students to change the world, and our innovative academic offerings and learning experience reflect that commitment.

Master of Arts in Interfaith Action

The M.A. in Interfaith Action is designed for leaders already working in faith-based organizations, religious communities, and other public arenas such as governmental agencies, NGOs, and the civil service, in which religious multiplicity can simultaneously be a source of conflict and a rich resource for positive change. The degree equips such leaders for deeper understanding and more effective social engagement for individual transformation, organizational leadership and sustainable social change.

Master of Arts in Ethical Leadership

The M.A. in Ethical Leadership prepares professionals across vocational sectors to integrate personal awareness and pro-fessional proficiencies to be more effective, ethical leaders in their organization, with the knowledge and consciousness of our interconnected global realities. It teaches working professionals about normative ethics while transforming them into more ethical leaders in a diverse, globalized world. Students experience an innovative series of courses that combine for more mindful, compassionate leadership in any organizational context.

Master of Arts in Social Impact

The M.A. in Social Impact teaches the capacities needed for mindful leaders—particularly, though not exclusively in the social and civil sectors—to envision, implement, and adapt efforts that generate positive and sustainable impact within and/or beyond their organizations and communities. It is intended for those emerging leaders with entrepreneurial spirits seeking the skills and perspectives to be intrapreneurs in their organizations, change-agents in their communities, or catalysts for new social endeavors.


Certificates and courses from Claremont Lincoln University will help you master the knowledge and skills required to better navigate—and even facilitate change—in complex or challenging communities and organizations. Our radically accessible, self-paced, and online courses are ideal if you’re an emerging or mid-level career professional who desires to make a lasting and meaningful difference in a diverse nonprofit, NGO, government, religious, or mission-driven for-profit organization. And for every course you successfully complete, you’ll earn a digital badge for your portfolio and online social profiles that tell the world you have what it takes to manage the realities of our diverse and interconnected world.