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Master of Arts in Interfaith Action

iStock_000016128606MediumIn an era characterized by religious pluralism and ideological polarization, the M.A. in Interfaith Action is designed for leaders in faith-based organizations, religious communities, and other public arenas in which religious multiplicity can simultaneously be a source of conflict and a rich resource for positive change. The roles of religion have never been more complex, the sources of conflict more acute, and the possibilities for peace more palpable. More than ever, our communities need leaders who can effectively navigate these diverse religious and cultural landscapes with skill, innovation and humility.

The Master of Arts in Interfaith Action equips leaders like you with advanced understanding and effective models of social engagement based on critical and contemporary understandings of religion, its context in cultural, political and economic realities in global perspective, and the skills to implement positive change through high-impact social action projects.

At Claremont Lincoln, we know that religion can be both a source of conflict and a source of peace. Effective interfaith leaders can tip that balance in favor of more just and sustainable societies. As a graduate of Claremont Lincoln, you will move beyond interfaith dialogue to interfaith action, to put wisdom of the ages to work in the world.

Program Overview

The M.A. in Interfaith Action is comprised of a sequence of 10 rigorous courses designed and facilitated by cutting edge thought-leaders and practitioners from around the world. Coursework includes advanced studies in religious literacy, theoretical foundations, moral conflict, civic engagement, and interfaith entrepreneurship. These courses are offered concurrently with the proprietary Claremont Core® curriculum, which deepens personal foundations and professional pro-ficiencies while offering you interaction with like-minded, change-oriented leaders from other degree programs.

As a graduate of the Interfaith Action program, you will develop a breadth of new capacities in the practices of mindfulness, dialogue, collaboration and change-making while gaining a knowledge of the most critical and contemporary issues around interfaith engagement. This includes the critical considerations of religious identity, spiritual belonging, secularism, religious pluralism, and the identification and negotiation of religious diversity in organizational and religious contexts. Upon graduation, you will have developed a disposition and identity as an interfaith leader in a post-secular world.

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Katie Gordon, MIFA ’16