CLU Presses Interfaith Urgency at Parliament of the World’s Religions

CLU Presses Interfaith Urgency at Parliament of the World’s Religions

Are there peaceful solutions to hate, racism and extremism? Claremont Lincoln University will be taking on the world’s most menacing obstacles to harmony as a major sponsor and participant in the 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions, an international conference bringing together more than 10,000 people of divergent beliefs in the name of interfaith Oct. 15-19 in Salt Lake City.

Claremont Lincoln will spearhead numerous presentations during the five-day event, highlighting the growing need for dialogue and collaboration among faiths to bring about positive social change and restore health to communities afflicted by violence, indifference and discrimination. The university, which offers unique master’s degree and certificate programs in interfaith understanding, is also the primary Parliament sponsor.

Members of the Claremont Lincoln University President’s Committee on Interfaith Action, all prominent thought leaders in faith, nonprofit, academic and government sectors, will present the committee’s initial findings regarding the role and importance of interfaith in the year 2020. Claremont Lincoln President Eileen Aranda and Interfaith Action Director Darrell Ezell will head a panel discussion stemming from collaboration among 30 committee members from across the nation.

Also as part of the conference, Ezell will also lead an engaging panel discussion Oct. 16 addressing the U.S. policy on ISIS and extreme interpretations of both the Bible and Koran. He will speak candidly on Oct. 18 on how hate speech and racism contributed to the recent shootings in Ferguson and South Carolina, and the value of bringing sacred-secular voices to the table. Other speakers on the panel include faculty members Keith Burton, coordinator of the Center for Adventist-Muslim Relations at Oakwood University; and Will McGarvey, executive director of the Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County; along with Ejaz Nqavi, author of “The Quran: With or Against the Bible?”

Other CLU presentations at the conference address faith-based governing in Syria; conversations among humanists, atheists and religious believers; and ways to spread interfaith at a community level.

Other speakers at the conference include Charter for Compassion founder Karen Armstrong; international scholar on Muslim affairs Tariq Ramadan and many more.


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