Confronting Ideological Violence and Hate Speech: Panel Discussion at Parliament of the World’s Religions

At the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City, Claremont Lincoln University took center stage to present a panel on interfaith action to tackle and address ideological violence and hate speech.

This panel featured Dr. Darrell Ezell, Founding Director of the Center for the Study of Religion, Culture and Foreign Affairs, Dr. Keith Burton, Dr. William McGarvey, and Dr. Ejaz Naqvi, author of The Quran: With or Against the Bible.

The importance of action, especially in the interfaith sphere, is prominent in today’s global climate. Interfaith leaders must equip themselves to tackle large societal ills and enrich the global communities that they serve. A few of the largest and most pressing issues are ideological violence and hate speech. The expert panelists broke down various aspects on how faith leaders can tackle these issues, such as analyzing the sacred texts of major religions, critically exploring what causes social mistrust, and breaking down the skills that interfaith leaders need to transform their communities.

Watch the full panel below.


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